Mrs. Cain's Science Class


Grading Information:

1. Major Grades (67% of overall grades)

-Interactive Notebook




Major (Academic Achievement) grade assignments, such as projects and labs, will be accepted up to 3 days late with a 10 point penalty for each day that it is late. Major grades will not be accepted after 3 days.

2. Daily Grades

-Quizzes (three daily grades)

-Daily assignments and homework



Daily work (Academic Practice) will be accepted one day late with a 30 point penalty. Daily work will not be accepted after one day.

*Make-up Work

Following an absence, students are responsible for obtaining missed work. Students will be given the number of days missed plus one day to complete make-up work that was assigned during the absence. Failure to do so will result in zeros being given for missed assignments. If an assignment was given before the absence, then the assignment is due the day the student returns. Also, if a student is absent on the day of the test, they will take the test on the day that they return.